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Halo 5: Guardians

Where to start, Multiplayer is as good a place as any and what a great aspect of the game this is, with Warzone being a new mode, not a new idea mind but that does not detract from its epic game play. But first, Arena is where all your favourite modes are kept, including mine, SWAT, however there are subtle changes to the game play that I think add to make the game a little more balanced. SWAT as an example limits to your weapon to just the one you start with. So you maybe a pistol master, but if map dictates you use the Battle Rifle then that’s what you are using and I quite like that, gets to use more than the one weapon.

Let’s talk more on Warzone, this has 2 modes, Warzone and Warzone Assault and it’s important to know the difference. These modes are odes to Battlefield`s “Conquer” and “Rush” but unlike Battlefield, the weapon load outs are more dynamic per game and this is because of the REQ system, but we will come back to that. Warzone, this mode sees you occupy all the main checkpoints, once you occupy them, this opens the enemy base for attack and you can destroy their core and win the round, further to this; the round can be won by the team that first reaches 1000 points. You can boost these points by completing in game mini tasks; these are “Seek and Destroy” missions of Ai Enemies of Covenant and Prometheans/Forerunners. Don’t shy away from these, they can mean the end of the game very fast if the other team collects them all. Also they unlock Req packs, which I promise I am coming too.

Warzone Assault starts with you and your team ODST style dropping into the map where you then have 5 mins to capture the first base while the other team defend it, every time you capture the objective the clock resets. This is a high death style game (or at least for me!)

REQ Packs (Requisition Packs) This is the Card system that a lot of games seem to be introducing in one way or another, Fifa does this for FUT mode. One key thing to note, for £19.99 you can buy the “Warzone Req Pack” it’s really not worth it, almost all items will be given to you at least 2-3 times within 6 hours of game play. There is nothing of major use. So how do they work, well there are a few types, some unlock the permeant introduction to Amour or Weapons, whereas others are ‘Useables’ which you call up in game to effect the battle there and then. Each card is ranked 1-6 (so far). Your Assault Rifle is level 1 or Req 1 and things like a Sniper Rifle or Scorpion Tank are Req 6. All the ‘Cool’ guns and all vehicles are use once. Whereas the standard Human guns are earnable unlocks. BUT this does not mean you get access to anything at the start of the game. When you drop in you will only have access to your Magnum and Assault Rifle, then as you earn Req points you will unlock the levels which allows you to then adjust your loadout for each spawn to the load out level of weapons. Also, it will unlock the ability to play a card. This card will only last for this one life. So if you have 1 Sniper Rifle card, you spawn and your team mate runs you over you lose it. This happens a lot; Wraith tanks are more popular than I would have thought, if you brush one, it pretty much kills you, no matter the team.  Whatever happens mind, this is a very cool system to allow a full game change, if a clan are holding a room and you bust in with a Fuel Rod gun and blow all 4 of them and yourself away all of a sudden you clear that for your team to capture and the sway of the map and change.

Enough about multiplayer, its great, it’s the best feature of the game and makes Halo 5 an amazing FPS.. but now for the cons, the Story. I am without a doubt a major Halo Fanboy, I love the universe, all the books, comics, TV and games. The story is the main thing that has made Halo the legendary game it is today, it has been the most amazing universe in gaming history. I don’t know anything in the world of video games that is this big.

343 have sacrificed a powerful, strong, amazing story for Multiplayer gaming. The story runs along at such a pace its over before you even really understand why or what has happened. You swap between Chief and Lock far too much and its odd. You basically shoot a few bad guys between cut scenes and these, while well made, just feel like an afterthought, nothing flows and everything fades to black.


So the opening mission sees you face off against one of the main bosses in the game and the main Covenant bad guy in Halo4, Jul ‘Mdama. I was expecting this to be an epically good fight, like in Halo2 when you fight Tartarus, but it’s all done in a flash with a cut scene. It builds you up but the release never comes, instead you are left standing with your cock in your hand as she walks off laughing. Then, nothing really happens except your run through levels at speed with no real reason to fight anyone other than they are there and then it turns out Cortana is the new Enemy, that’s like your mum deciding she made a mistake 30 years on and has decided to abort you. It’s the oddest shift in story. Lastly, the whole game has no mention of the Didact or the Librarian. We can assume he died in Halo4 I guess, but really I doubt it.


It’s a shame, the 6 hours it will take you to play through on Normal makes this the smallest game in Halo history. It also makes it boring, the end of the game actually feels like the end of chapter one and like it has loads more to say. All the promotional videos, mini games and other stuff that made us think about this amazing story of Lock hunting Chief has nothing to do with this game, nothing.. I want that story, where is it?


So I break down the game as follows. Single Player – 6/10 (no real story, game over before it starts) Multiplayer – 9/10 (The best of Halo mixed with the best modes of other games. Extra stuff – 8/10 (Req Packs, balancing, characters)

Overall – 8/10 If you don’t like Multiplayer gaming, don’t bother buying it new!

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